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What Makes Good Rolling Paper? How Futurola Doubles Down On Quality

What Makes Good Rolling Paper? How Futurola Doubles Down On Quality

Rolling papers are an essential part of the smoking experience. Most seasoned smokers will tell you how choosing the right rolling paper is the difference between just a joint and a great joint. Rolling papers have been around for a long time since their origin in Spain. If you are to buy a rolling paper today, there are quite a lot of options out there to choose from.

This is why we thought we will help you clear the smoke a bit and share what we know about rolling papers so that you can choose the best ones and have a blast the next time. This blog will be your guide to what makes a rolling paper great, and how we at Futurola make sure that we deliver the best to make sure you have a great time when you light that joint up! Read on.

What Makes a Rolling Paper Great?

Like many things in life, there’s not one way to say one is better than the other. It is all about perspective and personal preferences, of course. But some important aspects make a rolling paper great. Here are some of them

The Burn Rate

Fairly self-explanatory, isn’t it? You want rolling papers that are slow-burning. This means that the joints you roll will last longer and that you get more out of the herb you are using. If the paper burns fast, the herb inside may not burn completely, wasting the expensive flower that you have taken pains to purchase. There’s also a difference in how you may have to relight the joint from time to time if you are using a paper with a slow burn rate.

The Thickness of the Paper

This topic is quite similar to the last one in terms that the burn rate being correlated to the thickness of the paper as well. But there’s more to it than that. Ultra-thin or Thin papers can be a bit more difficult to roll with and hence may not be beginner friendly but it has a lesser amount of paper and hence do not give a very heavy paper taste. It can however be tricky to roll and can rip easily. A thicker paper can make it easier to roll but it produces more ash and of course, gives off more paper taste in the smoke.

Bleached or Unbleached

Another parameter to look at is whether the paper is bleached or unbleached. Unbleached papers are usually light brown and it has not been treated with chemicals to alter the color or the property of the paper. Some papers are bleached using certain chemicals that give them a white color. Some brands use chemicals such as Calcium Carbonate and such as bleach which can be retained in the paper and can be harmful when you smoke it. The process used to bleach the paper is what needs to be noted.

The Flavor of the Paper

Everything is flavored today, isn’t it? Even rolling papers are. For those who may want some variety in taste for their spliffs, flavored papers are the best bet. Before we discuss flavors, even the normal unflavored ones can leave some flavor that will influence the taste of the joint. Using wood-pulp papers creates more smoke which leaves a strong taste. Materials like hemp also have a flavor. It also depends on the thickness of the paper.

Flavored papers are created with additive flavors added to the paper. Depending on your taste, there are several flavors out there that can change your smoking experience.

What Determines the Quality of the Paper?

We have so far discussed what are some of the things you have to consider in a paper. Some of these factors are influenced by how the paper is made. What makes a good rolling paper is ultimately a combination of all these aspects. Some factors that determine how the rolling paper behaves are here.

The Material Used

It may not be much of a surprise to know that rolling papers are made with different materials. Wood pulp, Rice, flax, hemp, and cellulose. Depending on the material used, the properties of the rolling paper and the experience of smoking weed from joints made out of the paper vary.

Wood Pulp Papers

One of the most common materials used to make rolling papers. Wood pulp papers are fairly thin and have a medium burn rate. Wood pulp papers are however thicker than some of the other alternatives that have come up recently. It can also produce a fairly strong taste which can affect the taste of the herb when you smoke. Wood pulp papers are however beginner friendly and available in almost all smoke shops.

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice rolling papers are the thinnest rolling papers out there. For the connoisseur stoners, this type of paper leaves very little aftertaste which can be a big plus. Being thin also means less paper and thus a cleaner smoke which won’t be as harsh on your lungs. Rice papers are also slow-burning. Being thin means that these papers may not be the most suited for beginners. Since made of pressed rice, these papers tend to be a bit unstable in humid environments.

Hemp Rolling Papers

These papers are for the more conscious smokers out there. Made from organic hemp fibers, this not only saves trees, and is an organic alternative. The seasoned smokers appreciate that the taste that this paper leaves actually may complement the taste of the cannabis and does not destroy the natural flavor. Hemp papers are rougher and thicker than most papers and have a medium burn rate.

Flax Rolling Papers

Flax is another material that is used for rolling papers. These papers are also light and can make sturdy joints. Made with fibers from flax seeds, these papers are quite strong and smooth. This makes it easy to roll. It also produces the least smoke and has a very little aftertaste.

Beyond these, there are several other types of rolling papers that are made from specialty materials. But these are not as popular as the variants mentioned above. Plant cellulose is one such material that produces transparent rolling papers. Some papers are a mix of some of the above materials. Wood pulp and flax seeds are mixed to produce papers that combine the best properties of these materials. Other such combinations exist too.

The Gum Used

The gum that’s used in the rolling paper is also an important factor. It determines how snug a joint you can make. Using high-quality materials for the gum also keeps you safe and doesn’t deliver any harmful chemicals when you smoke. Generally, Arabic gum derived from acacia trees is preferred as the glue for rolling papers as this has been found to give the joint the strongest hold and also is quite safe.

How Futurola Doubles Down on Quality?

Futurola papers are made with the best materials to produce the thinnest papers to roll your perfect joint. Our papers are made from the purest wood pulp with flax fibers. All the papers we produce go through the strictest of quality checks to ensure that you get the best out of your smoke session with Futurola rolling papers. We design the papers to give you an even burn rate. Even if you use the king slim or king size papers, you won’t have to relight the joint. It is also easy to roll up and holds up well under all conditions making it an ideal choice. Futurola’s different-size rolling papers all use organic Arabic gum ensuring the highest quality.

Futurola’s rolling papers and pre-rolled cones both are available in various sizes and ensure a consistent experience. Be it a single-wide paper or double-wide paper, or a party-sized roll, it’s important that you can roll easily and it can burn evenly giving you the best experience. We ensure this through a constant focus on quality and innovation.

Closing Thoughts

Despite the influx of innovative methods to enjoy your cannabis such as vaporizers, vapes, and bongs, rolling a joint continues to be the chosen method for most smokers today. The ease of rolling and smoking plays an important role in this. So does the availability and the variety.

There have been many experiments using different types of papers as well including cigarette papers and other such materials but rolling papers have always maintained their popularity because it is safer than other variants and does not affect the taste of the joint as much as other materials.

Using the best quality rolling papers ensures a great smoking experience for you. Determining what you like is important when you choose a rolling paper. Try out different varieties and combinations and select the ones you like the best.

Futurola’s rolling papers have been a favorite of smokers around the world for years now. Check out our range of rolling papers and artisanal pre-rolled cones made to take your joints to the next level!

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