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Lets Shred: How Futurola Shredder Machines Stack Up To The Market


The industry is booming and with that, the demand for better, more efficient ways to process cannabis has never been higher. The need to deliver a consistent smoking experience for pre-rolls that are mostly being produced using automatic pre-roll machines means that the herb grinders and shredders have to be used for the perfect consistency every time. A manual shredding process cannot achieve this.

Using machinery such as industrial grade shredders will help not just with the consistency and the quality but the scale is an important consideration too. You need a lot of products out in the market to earn the bucks that you are working hard for. Achieving scale is only possible using automated processes.

Shredders are one such way to make processing large quantities of herbs much easier and faster. Shredders and grinders are also important not just for pre-roll production. It is also an essential step to prepare the flower for use in vapes, edibles, and vaporizers. In this blog post, we will compare some of the popular herb shredders in the market and talk about how the Futurola shredders stack up against some of these shredders. Read on.


Shredder Machines


Why are Automatic Shredders Critical?

Herb processors and dispensaries know that shredders are critical to their operations. The right shredder can mean the difference between a high-quality product and one that is full of stems and other unwanted materials. It can also mean the difference between a high-quality pre-mix and one which does not have the terpenes and trichomes intact which means a lower-quality product at the end of the day.

There are several reasons why automatic shredders are so critical in cannabis processing:

  1. They help to ensure consistent product quality by ensuring a fine grind.
  1. They reduce the amount of time needed to process cannabis material.
  1. They minimize wastage by reducing the amount of stems and other unwanted materials in the final product. High-tech shredders and grinders come equipped with sifters and high-torque motors that make the process easy and smooth and also reduce wastage.
  1. They improve quality by retaining essential cannabinoids and trichomes in the herb during the shredding or grinding process.

What are the Top Shredder Brands Out There?

There is quite a lot to choose from when it comes to industrial grinders and shredders. A commercial grinder or shredder can process several pounds of product an hour making it suited for large-scale operations. Here are some of the top brands in the market today.

Futurola Shredders

Futurola is one of the top cannabis shredder brands on the market today. Their products are known for their quality and durability, and they offer a wide range of models to choose from. Made from food-grade materials including a stainless steel barrel with a passive whipping mechanism.

These shredders also feature a digital timer which can be set in varying cycle times ranging from 2-15 seconds depending on the need. Mostly the average cycle time is around 7 seconds for a good mix quality. All the Futurola shredders come with a 1-year warranty.

Futurola trimmers come in 3 sizes and 2 variants each. The Super variant features an integrated 3mm sifter barrel which helps to remove seeds and stems from the mix easily. The three sizes are as follows

Futurola Mini and super mini shredder - Shred 1 pound in 7 seconds - Priced at $3125 -$5000

Futurola Original (OG) and super OG shredder - Shreds about 3 pounds in 7 seconds - Priced at $5000-$8125

Mega and super mega shredder- shreds about 5.5 pounds in 7 seconds - Priced at $8750.00-$11250

High-Tech 110

High-tech 110 shredders are one of the other popular shredder brands on the market. These shredders also shred the flower using a whipping mechanism using the 0.75 horsepower motors. Depending on the moisture content of the herb, this shredder can take between 3-7 seconds to shred the herb to a consistent mix.

The high-tech 110 shredders come in 5 variants.

  • 2-pound shred sifter
  • 3-pound shredder
  • 5-pound shredder
  • 5-pound shred sifter
  • 7-pound shredder

Depending on the variant, these machines are priced between $4000 and $8500.

Mobius Compact Mill

The Mobius shredders are also a popular choice for the market. It is generally used for higher-capacity production environments and can be integrated into automated process chains consisting of other equipment if necessary.

Specially designed for pre-roll production and extract preparation, the Mobius compact mill comes with different screen sizes that can be swapped out depending on your need. This equipment comes with stainless steel blades for milling the flower into the desired sizes and can retain the quality of the herb through the process.

Mobius compact grill comes in 2 variants - the M60 and the M210. M60 can shred up to 20 pounds a minute and is priced at around $13,900. The M210 can handle up to 110 pounds a minute and is priced at $33,800.

STM Canna Grinders

STM canna is another popular grinder. The STM canna grinders come in 3 variants including the Revolution 2.0, Mini Revolution, and Sub-zero revolution. All these variants work in low temperatures and have different speed settings as well as customizable screens to control the outcome of the mix when you grind.

The STM canna mini revolution can handle 1 pound a minute and costs around $6000. The Revolution 2.0 is a larger capacity machine capable of grinding 15-30 pounds of herb an hour and costs around $17,545. The sub-zero revolution is used to grind frozen flowers and can grind about 30 pounds of flower in an hour. This machine is priced at $27,225.

Which type of shredder is right for you?

When it comes to shredding cannabis, there are a few different types of shredders on the market to choose from. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to know which one is right for you before making a purchase.

Choosing the shredder that is right for your process is not an easy task. The first step in this process is to map out your requirements and understand what is it that you need from your shredder. Are you going to shred dry herb or is there going to flower with a high moisture content? What is the production quantity that you are looking at? How many people can you assign to operate the equipment? Do you want a machine that automatically sifts kief or would you do it manually? What is the budget you can allocate for this? What are the pre-roll sizes you want to produce?

All of these are important questions to look at before you choose your shredder.

No matter which type of shredder you choose, make sure it's durable and easy to operate. Safety should also be a top priority and choose one that has a high safety rating which is important for both your employees and your customers. You should also look for one that comes with a warranty in case it breaks or malfunctions down the line. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect cannabis shredder for your needs is easier than ever before!


Cannabis Shredders are readily available in the market and the wealth of options to choose from can end up confusing you quite easily. It is necessary to go back to the basics and think about how every industrial equipment purchase is done. Assessing your needs, estimate your budget, and looking at multiple options to choose the best one will be the best way to go.

If you're in the market for a cannabis shredder, the Futurola line is definitely worth checking out. We offer a variety of models that are sure to fit your needs, and our prices are competitive with other brands on the market. We hope our comparison has helped you narrow down your options and make a decision on which model is right for you.

Still confused? Well, we are here to help. Talk to our experts today and we will be happy to walk you through the options we have and help you make the right choice for your business. Get in touch with us today!

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