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How Futurola Shredder Machines Can Help You Create An Optimal Pre-Roll Mix

How Futurola Shredder Machines Can Help You Create An Optimal Pre-Roll Mix

Scaling up pre-roll production at your business takes a lot of planning and investment. Investing in the right machines is the key to getting your production up and getting more joints burning in the hands of your customers. However, finding the right products and using them properly is no easy task.

The range of machinery available in the market today specifically for the cannabis industry is quite amazing. You have trimmers and shredders, you have automated pre-roll machines, you have filling kits, and the whole nine yards when it comes to machinery. The trick to winning the game is using high-quality herbs and of course a good set of equipment that can help you get your product out in the market.

It’s easy to get confused among the wide variety of equipment out there. However, shredders are one piece of equipment that you should definitely include in your arsenal! Shredders help you to break up the buds of your herb into a fine mix. This can be critical in delivering high-quality joints consistently.

In this blog, we will discuss how Futurola shredders work and how they can help you create the most optimal pre-roll mix for use. Let’s go.

Why Use Shredders for Your Pre-Roll Manufacturing?

Shredders, industrial grinders, and other pre-roll equipment have found use in the industry due to many factors. Here are some of the important aspects that make such equipment the favorites of a growing industry.

Scaling Up Production

One of the most important things to note is that there is a huge demand for pre-rolls in the market. In fact, this is one of the fastest-growing segments in the market. Simply keeping up with the demand can be challenging if you do not have automated systems to produce these pre-rolls.

Equipment such as shredders or cannabis grinders and pre-roll machines makes the process of grinding the herb and rolling it smooth and can deliver much higher numbers than any manual process can. Manually shredding the flower into the desired consistency can be a stressful affair especially if you have to do it in large quantities. A herb grinder or a shredder makes this process much easier. In a stressed economy where labor costs are a major challenge and you are restricted by regulatory challenges which make finding cheap labor difficult, automation is the way to go.

Scaling up production is a breeze if you invest in the right machinery and set up processes to ensure that this equipment is used to the best extent possible.

Quality Smoking Experience

Pre-rolls take away a lot of effort that the customers have to put into rolling a joint. If one is not well versed in rolling a good one, the smoking experience suffers and so do the after-effects. A pre-roll is judged to be top-shelf based on the quality of the herb used, the quality of the roll, and the smoking experience.

Shredders are critical in getting a consistent grind. It helps you create the mix of the perfect consistency that makes the job of rolling it easier and also delivers a superior smoking experience. In an industry where there are many options available for customers to buy products from, giving them the best product is the only way to win, and having a shredder is important for this.

Commercial cannabis grinders and shredders are designed such that the shredding process does not affect the chemical constitution of the flower in any way. If the process of shredding overheats the flower, it can affect the trichomes and terpenes in the herb. A good quality shredder will preserve the chemical consistency of the herb and deliver a great mix. Moist high-quality grinders use stainless steel blades with sharp teeth or plastic whips that get the job done. You can choose between either of these models depending on your assessment of the mix consistency.

Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene is a very important consideration of course. You do not want your mix to be of bad quality and contaminated by foreign substances and organic matter. Using a shredder along with pre-roll machines can ensure that your buds are not manually handled much during the process and the hygiene of the mix is preserved.

Plant Shredders are usually made from food-grade materials and are certified for quality. Shredders also come with kief screens and kief catchers that are removable ensuring that only the ground dry herb makes its way into your blunts.

How Do the Futurola Shredders Work?

Futurola shredders come in many varieties and can support a wide range of operations. These shredders are designed to whip whole buds and shred them into a fine mix which can then be used in a Futurola Knockbox.

These shredders are made from food-grade stainless steel complete with a passive whipping mechanism that carries out the grinding process to break down the buds into the optimum pre-roll consistency. It also has a digital timer which allows the operator to set the timing at increments of 1-15 seconds to accurately control the consistency of the mix and avoid over-grinding the buds.

Futurola shredders also have 2 major variants. The standard and the super. In the standard variant, you have to destem the flowers before you load them into the barrel for shredding. Once the shredding is complete, you can move the barrel into the unload position.

The super variant comes with an automatic sifter that separates the kief and the stem from the mix. In the super model, you simply have to remove the mix bag and can use the mix for further processing.

There is also a plexiglass lid with a magnetic closing that seals the barrel when in operation. These shredders are also easy to clean and maintain. You just have to occasionally clean the barrel using canned air and alcohol.

Futurola trimmers come in 3 main sizes according to their shredding capacity

  • The Futurola Mini (Standard and Super Mini) - This shredder can shred up to 1 pound of flowers in one cycle of about 7 seconds.
  • The Futurola Original or OG (Standard and Super OG) - This shredder is capable of shredding up to 3 pounds of flowers in 7 seconds in a single cycle
  • The Futurola Mega (Standard and Super) can process up to 5 pounds of the herb in 7 seconds.

Depending on your need and budget, you can choose the right shredder for the task and get your production scaled up.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Shredder?

Okay, so you’re convinced that you need a shredder for your cannabis business but how to decide which ones to buy and what are the things you should be thinking about? Well, here are some things to consider.

The Capacity

This is of course the first consideration. If your business is growing and you foresee a huge jump in production in the near future, getting a weed grinder or shredder with a large enough capacity to handle this increased output should be considered. Don’t just look at what you need now, extrapolate a bit and consider how your capacity may need to be upgraded in the near future.

How Many Operators Do You Have?

How many people you have working on your cannabis product is one other thing to consider. Most machines can be operated by just one person but in the case of saying the standard v/s the super shredders from Futurola, the standard ones need the product de-stemmed before loading and would also likely need one round of cleaning - this means additional steps and of course, more people involved. So if you want to save time on these steps or don’t want more people working on them, the best thing to do would be to get a super shredder.

The Uses

While the shredded flower is generally used for pre-rolls, it can also be used for other methods of consumption such as vaping oils for vaporizers, edibles, and tinctures. Ground flowers produced by a shredder are used for producing most of these products. Depending on the need, the consistency of the output may also vary, and hence choosing a shredder or grinder that works for this use is important.

Warranty and Maintenance

This is also an important aspect to consider. How much warranty is the product offering and generally how much maintenance does it take to keep the machine functioning smoothly? Typically, most products come with a one-year warranty and they may also have extended service warranties and other maintenance contracts.


Cost is of course an important aspect too. You have to have a sense of how much you are willing to shell out for the machine before you go into the market. Depending on your need and the products available in the market, you will be able to take a call regarding the best product to buy!

Closing Thoughts

Shredders are an important part of the production process in the industry. Given that 4-piece grinders are popular among uses for personal use, it is no surprise that you need an industrial grinder too if you are mass-producing cannabis products.

Futurola offers the top of line products for cannabis businesses both large and small. Our products are designed specifically to deliver a great pre-roll to your customer at competitive prices. Check out our line of products and get in touch to know how our products can help you take the next step!

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