A Guide To Picking The Right Futurola Knockbox Model For Your Organization

A Guide To Picking The Right Futurola Knockbox Model For Your Organization

Futurola has been leading the industry when it comes to pre-roll cone filling machines. For organizations mass producing pre-rolls, Knockbox has become an integral part of the operation. But one of the most common questions we get is “how do we know which Knockbox to buy?”. And we are here to help.

For dispensaries and shops in the cannabis business, Knockbox allows them to scale up operations considerably without having to hire a huge workforce. By investing in the right machinery, organizations can produce at scale with consistency. Futurola KnockBox 3 comes in many different configurations, capable of producing hundreds of joints in just a couple of minutes. By working with various configurations and some smart add-ons, you can produce thousands of joints a minute.

Choosing the right Knockbox and add-ons is the most important part of the whole process. This blog will help you with just that. We shall talk about what to assess before jumping into your purchase, and how to choose the right model and add-ons to help you scale your business! Read on.

What Are the Various Knockbox Models to Buy?

Knockbox pre-roll machine comes in 3 popular variants with different production capabilities. Depending on your need, you can choose between the three to optimize your production and the budget you have. The three models are

All Knockbox models come with the Knockbox base, a filling kit, a spill tray, and a controller and power cord. The filling kit is what determines the size of the blunt cone it is compatible with. There are options here too. Here are the available options as per the cone sizes for Futurola pre-rolled cones.

  • Futurola Standard filling kit - For 1 1/4 size pre-roll cones, slim size cones, and king size cones. 100 pre-rolls capacity
  • Reefer filling kit- for Futurola reefer size rolling papers with crown diameters ranging from 9-9.2 mm. 100 pre-roll capacity
  • Fatboy filling kit - for the Fatboy-sized pre-roll cones. 65 pre-roll capacity
  • Party filling kit - Suitable for party size pre-roll cones for 2 grams per cone with 65 pre-rolls capacity.

The size of the filling kit you purchase will depend on the sizes of the pre-rolls you want to produce. If you want to produce pre-rolls in various sizes, you will have to get filling kits for those sizes too.

What are the Add-ons That Will Make Pre-Roll Production Easier

Beyond just the original Knockbox and the standard filling devices, you can also have add-ons that will further speed up the process of producing joints. Some of the common add-ons are here.

  • Mix Tray: The Futurola Knockbox 100 is equipped with a mix tray that enables seamless distribution. This innovative accessory simplifies the process of combining multiple cones, allowing for convenient packaging and presentation. The mix tray ensures that pre-rolled cones are securely linked together, preventing any damage during transportation and storage, while maintaining the overall integrity and quality of the cones.

  • Fill Kit: Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in cone production, and the Knockbox 100 excels in both areas with its versatile fill kit. This comprehensive kit includes various accessories and attachments designed to accommodate different cone sizes, allowing businesses to cater to a wide range of consumer preferences. The fill kit ensures precise filling of cones, maintaining consistency and minimizing wastage, ultimately maximizing production output.
  • Cone loader: The Futurola Knockbox 100 comes equipped with a cone loader that simplifies the process of preparing cones for filling. With its ergonomic design, loading cones into the machine becomes effortless, saving valuable time and effort for operators. The cone loader is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with Futurola pre-rolled cones, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing the overall efficiency of the system. Make the process of loading pre-roll cones into the Knockbox for filling easier. It reduces the time it takes to load the required number of cones considerably without damaging the cones.
  • Spill Tray: To minimize waste and maintain cleanliness during the cone production process, the Knockbox 100 incorporates a spill tray. This innovative feature catches any excess material or spills, preventing valuable resources from being wasted and minimizing the need for cleanup. The spill tray not only ensures a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly production process but also keeps your workspace clean and organized, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Unloading Stations: An Unloading station is where you unload the bottom tray of the Knockbox with filled joints. This is where you would close the joints. Having multiple unloading stations helps you process the joints faster and not wait for one unloading station to be empty before rolling the next batch of joints. With its ergonomic design and intuitive functionality, the unload station ensures quick and efficient removal of the finished cones, allowing for continuous production flow and reducing downtime. This feature maximizes your overall production efficiency, enabling you to meet high-demand requirements effortlessly.
    • Dutch Crown Device: Closing the filled joints is what takes the most amount of time. If you are doing it manually, properly closing the blunts can take 5-10 seconds per blunt. With the dutch crown device, you can close 100 or 300 filled pre-roll cones in 10 seconds or less. The Dutch Crown device, an engineering marvel that sets it apart from other cone production accessories. This device utilizes advanced design to produce consistently shaped cones with unparalleled precision. Each cone is meticulously formed, ensuring uniformity in size, shape, and density, resulting in an optimal smoking experience for consumers.

    There is also additional Knockbox accessories that help you process the plant material easily, create a consistent mix and help you load this mix into the Knockbox efficiently, helping you save time and effort in pre-roll production.

    What to Consider Before You Decide on a Model?

    First things first. Let’s look at some of the data you need to have at hand before we go look at the various Knockbox models. The top ones are

    • The production capacity you are trying to achieve,
    • The workforce you have
    • The sizes of joints you are trying to produce
    • The budgets

    Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

    Production Capacity

    This is the first aspect to consider when you are looking to decide what equipment to buy. A rough idea about the number of joints you want to produce in a day will give you a good sense of what machine to consider. If you are looking at fairly low pre-roll production numbers, you can work with the basic models of Knockbox like KB 50 or KB 100. But if you are looking at higher numbers, the conversation becomes a bit more difficult.

    You have to decide between going for a higher model or you have to decide about doubling the number of machines in use. Say 2 KB 100s instead of 1 KB 300. These decisions can be made only when you know what production numbers are going to be and how you want to configure your production line.

    Add-ons are an important aspect to consider here. With an additional unload station plus a dutch crown device, you can cut down on the time it takes to produce 100 joints significantly in KB 100 without having to go for a higher capacity Knockbox.

    Workforce You Have

    The number of people you are employing has a huge bearing on your selection of equipment. If you are looking at large production capacities but not looking to have more than one person per machine, then you would be better off buying a larger model like the KB 300. But if you have more people and add-on devices, you can do well with KB 100 and possibly additional production lines.

    Operating more than one KB 100 simultaneously is also possible to reduce the time you take to produce the pre-rolls. But operating more than one piece of equipment would mean you need 1-2 employees per Knockbox for optimum production.

    Depending on the workforce you are employing in your organization for the production of your joints, the SKU you choose can vary. Mapping out your staffing budgets and the process will help you take a call on this.

    The Sizes of Joints You are Producing

    Another important parameter is the sizes you are producing. Since the filling device design is based on the size of the pre-roll cones you are using, you will have to make a decision on this early on in the planning stage.

    If you are producing in just standard, slim, and king sizes, you can use just the standard filling device. But if you want to also produce pre-rolls in sizes such as reefer, Fatboy, and party, you will have to invest in filling kits in these sizes too.

    Also, take note that the size of the blunt cones also has a bearing on the production capacity per cycle. Standard and reefer filling devices can produce 100 pre-rolls in 2 minutes per cycle on a KB100 while Fatboy and Party size ones can only produce 65 pre-rolls per cycle so you will have to account for this too.

    The Budgets

    Finally, as in any business decision you make, the budget you have at your disposal is going to decide what equipment you are going to use. The standard-sized KB 100 devices are priced at USD 5625 per unit without add-ons while KB 300 is priced at around USD 15,625 per device. This difference is the price is to be accounted for when you are making a purchase decision.

    Performing a cost-benefit analysis is the best way to get to your optimum size. You can go for the KB 300 and produce at much larger capacities if your sales can justify the additional investment. Else, going for a KB 100 with add-ons that can help you produce at larger capacities will prove to be more economical for you.

    Closing Thoughts

    Figuring out the right equipment for your organization isn’t easy, especially when you have options available in the market. As for any organization, the better your plan is, the better the decision will be. Understanding your market and the revenue and cash flow projections will give you the answers you need.

    An important point to note is that buying a device of higher capacity isn’t always the answer to scaling up production sensibly. It can often be the case that planning your process better and using the add-ons and other equipment more smartly will give you the same results you need. It is possible to get production capacities as high as 2000 per hour with the right add-ons using the KB 100 with the right accessories. The results come from making smart decisions.

    Still unsure about what Knockbox to buy for your organization? Fret not. Get in touch with us and we will help you get the best value for your investment using the state-of-the-art Futurola products. Drop a line to us today!

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