How To Find The Perfect Pre-Roll Cone Size

How To Find The Perfect Pre-Roll Cone Size

Pre-roll cones are literal game changers for the cannabis industry. While they have been around for a long time to aid those not adept at rolling a great joint by themselves, the real winner has been the manufacturers selling pre-filled joints in their dispensaries for medicinal or recreational use.

Smoking joints have been by far the most preferred way of consumption of cannabis because of the ease as well as simplicity of it as well as the quick effect it has on you. Pre-rolls are available over the counter today and there are quite a few businesses that are tapping into this thriving market.

There is quite an array of pre-rolled cones available both in terms of the paper used and the sizes. Choosing the right material and size has a big impact on the kind of joints you produce too. Here in this blog, we will look at what the different parameters are when it comes to selecting the right-sized pre-rolled cones from Futurola. Read on!

What to Consider When Thinking About a Pre-Roll?

While size definitely matters, there are some other parameters to consider as well before you make a decision. These can be a big help in you narrowing down your choices and getting to the perfect pre-roll for your use. Here are some of the top parameters to think about.

The Material Used

Rolling papers are currently made with a variety of materials. Wood pulp is the most common type of paper available in the market. Rice is another common material that is being used to make rolling papers today. There are also other types of paper like hemp paper made from organic hemp and paper cones made from flax that is out in the market today and gaining popularity rapidly.

There are also other materials being used. Palm leaves are one of them. King palm leaves are used to produce rolling papers that has a distinct taste and can be used to roll joints. There are also blunt wraps in use.

It is often the case that you find a mixture of materials in the pre-rolled paper. There are combinations involving wood pulp and flax, as well as a mix of other materials. You need to use a material that has a good taste and is slow burning. It also needs to be thick and sturdy enough to be handled using cone loaders and pre-roll filling machines.

The material used has a lot of bearing on the quality of the joint. It influences the taste of the joint and it can also determine the burn rate of a joint. Wood pulp paper joints have a distinct aftertaste which a lot of people dislike. Rice paper is quite thin and has minimal aftertaste and it also burns slowly. So it is preferred by many smokers over wood pulp papers. However, rice papers are quite thin so the durability of the pre-rolls you produce may be in question. Pure hemp cones are thicker and more durable than both wood pulp and rice papers. Hemp papers also have a distinct taste that complements the taste of cannabis while smoking. It is also considered to be a green alternative and hence has been preferred by many people.

Bleached or Unbleached

Another thing to consider is if you want to use bleached or unbleached rolling papers. Essentially the bleached rolling papers are produced by chemically bleaching the wood pulp papers that have a slight brown color to them. Bleaching in some cases introduces chemicals into the paper in the form of chlorine and calcium carbonate. White papers are preferred by many. However, the chemicals can be harmful to you as well as the environment, and hence using unbleached brown paper is preferred. If you are using bleached papers, the brand is of significance. Find brands that use bleaching methods that leave no chemical residue on the paper.

The Gum

The gum is a very important component of the pre-rolled cone that holds it together. When you are manufacturing pre-rolls, the blunt cones will come under some duress especially when you are filling it using a pre-roll machine, packing it, and storing it. The gum needs to hold the pre-roll together during all this.

Typically, arabica gum derived from the acacia tree is what is used for the gum lining for most pre-rolled cones. This is the safest and cleanest gum that can be used. Understanding what gum has been used in the cone is important. Some materials can be harmful when burnt. It’s best to avoid these materials and stick to pre-rolls made from arabica.

What Pre-roll Cone Sizes are Available?

Now to the crux of the matter. Getting the right size of the cone selected. Futurola’s pre-roll cone size chart gives you the best possible selection of sizes. Finding the right size that fits your needs is all you have to do!

One important thing to note before we get there though. Size matters particularly when it comes to the pre-roll machines. Futurola Knockbox can take all sizes of pre-rolled cones but the filling kits need to be customized according to the cone sizes. The production capacity also varies according to the size of the cone.

Here is a simple pre-roll size chart for all the Futurola pre-rolled cones.

Mini Paper Cones

Mini paper cones are suitable for personal use joints that can hold about 0.3 grams of flower in a joint. These pre-rolls are 60mm in length.

1 1/4 Paper Cones

These pre-rolled cones can hold up to 0.6 grams of herb. These cones are 84mm in length and come in white and brown colors along with blunt cone format too.

Slim Paper Cones

The slim cones have a capacity of about 0.8 grams of the herb in one roll. The slim pre-rolls are excellent for their slow burn. These rolling papers are 98mm in length and come in white and dutch brown.

Reefer Cones

Another popular variant of pre-rolled cones is the reefer size. The reefer-sized pre-rolls can hold about 0.5 grams of flower in a joint. These pre-rolls are 98mm in length and are straight with a thicker base.

King size cones

King-size pre-rolled joint papers come in 2 variants in the Futurola range. One variant is suitable for around 1 gram of herb per joint and the other can hold up to 1.3 grams of herb per joint.

Fatboy Cones

The Fatboy cones are typical of a larger capacity than the classic king-size pre-rolls. They can hold up to 3 grams of herb and is a much thicker cone than most other variants with 120 mm in length and a 30mm crown.

How to Select the Right-Sized Cone?

As you can see there are quite a lot of variants in terms of sizes and materials available when it comes to pre-rolled cones. Choosing the right size is a tricky affair so here are some points to help you.

Your Customers

What your customers are looking for is of course the best place to start when deciding between pre-roll sizes. Looking at what the best-sellers are will give you a good idea. Finding out what they would prefer will give you a good idea.

The Strain You Are Using

The potency and quality of the strain you are using will also be a factor in making the decision. If you are using a good quality strain that is very potent, you can get away with using smaller-sized cones as it will give the customers the desired effect in smaller quantities.

The Consistency of the Mix

The consistency of the mix you use also determines the size of the cone. This would of course depend on the grinders and shredders you use as well. A smooth burning roll is after all the ultimate aim. If you prefer larger-sized particles in the mix, you may have to use a larger-sized pre-roll to accommodate it properly.

Wholesale Availability

Another obvious but important consideration is the availability of these pre-rolls in bulk quantities. Futurola has bulk cone packs available at wholesale prices. Whichever brand you choose, look for wholesale availability (and special bulk discounts too, of course)

Closing Thoughts

There’s no real right answer when it comes to the cone sizes. The classic cones that come in various sizes all serve the purpose especially when chosen from a good brand like Futurola. Ultimately you may have to produce a mix of sizes to satisfy your customer’s needs. The quality of the paper, the potency of the mix you use, the filter tips used, and the material are the major considerations to have other than just the size of the joints. The best pre-rolled cones come with the best materials and can hold up well during an automated manufacturing process while ensuring a good smoking experience for your customers.

Futurola’s artisanal pre-rolled cones are designed using the thinnest and best quality paper from France and Spain and made with arabica gum. Get in touch with us to know more about our pre-rolled cones and how we can work with you to get your business to the next level!

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