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Bored of simple hand rolled joints? Want to roll one but not sure how to?  We’re here to help! Here’s a step-by-step on how to roll a unique cross joint  Here we go!

What Do You Need To Roll A Cross Joint?

You need a lot of rolling paper and some other important things to get your cross joint right.

  • Your preferred strain of weed mix (tobacco, no tobacco - we leave that to you.)
  • Small rolling paper and large rolling paper - We recommend Futurola King and King slim rolling papers for the best results
  • Grinder
  • Needle or a thin screwdriver to poke holes in the larger joint and the thinner joint
  • Rolling tray or any other surface
  • Rolling tips or roach
  • A trusty lighter

Once you have assembled everything you need, it's time  to actually start rolling your cross joint!

Step 1: Grind and Prepare Your Mix

The first thing to do is to  get your mix prepared for your cross joint. You would need quite a bit of it because you are essentially rolling 2 joints. You can mix strains or use the same strain. It helps if the product is not too dry because you would need to grind it and would also need it to be set properly and not fall out when you are trying to poke holes in the joints.

Once you have the mix prepared and ready, we can get to the rolling part.

Step 2: Roll a Fat Joint

Using the Futurola King-sized rolling papers, you have to begin with a fat joint. Make this thicker than your usual joint and you need to make it quite well-packed too. This is the main joint. You would have to poke a hole in it to get the smaller joint to go through this to actually make a cross. so make sure that this is thick enough. You need enough space to work without destroying the joint or tearing the paper.

Use a roach at the end of this joint to make the mouthpiece. Make sure that this joint is sturdy and can withstand all the poking holes and other torture you are going to inflict on this in the next steps. Seal the end of the joint and you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Roll a Small Joint

Now for the cross part. Roll a smaller joint that can be inserted into the thicker joint to make the actual cross. This joint needs to be much slimmer than the first one. Use your judgment to determine the thickness so that it can fit into the larger joint easily without destroying the whole thing.

The thin joint will be lit from both ends so do not include a roach at either end of your joint. It makes sense to pack this smaller joint well enough so that it can remain sturdy. You should however also consider airflow and not make it very dense. Close both the ends of this joint and we are off to making the cross.

Step 4: Poke Holes in the Smaller Joint

There are a couple of ways to do it when it comes to the smaller joint. You can use a needle to poke multiple small holes into the thin joint. You could also poke one single small hole in the smaller joint. We leave this to you. The holes will be where the smoke from the smaller joint will enter the larger joint so make sure that there is a big enough hole or enough small holes for proper airflow between the joints.

The hole(s) should be midway down the joint and should not be spread more than the width of the larger joint. You do not want smaller joints to have holes outside the place where it is crossing the main joint. One way to get this right would be to make this hole only after you begin inserting the smaller joint into the thicker one and you determine where the middle portion is going to be and how much area is to be covered. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve done enough, keep it aside and it’s now time to make a hole in the bigger joint.

Step 5: Poke a Hole in the Thicker Joint

Okay here’s the trickiest part: it’s not actually that difficult, though1408. Figure out where you want the cross to be placed on the large jointYou would need to use your judgment here to determine where it should be as you want the upper portion of the thick joint to take as much time to burn as the ends of the smaller joints you are making the cross with. This would depend on the thickness and of course the density of the joints. A good rule of thumb to do this would be to go three-quarters of the way down from the mouthpiece of the larger joint.

First, poke one small hole using a needle or a paperclip and then wiggle it to expand the size of the hole. You could also use a thin screwdriver or ice pick to do this. Make sure that the diameter of the hole is slightly lesser than the diameter of the smaller joint as this will ensure a better seal.

Step 6: Insert the Smaller Joint Into the Larger One to Make the Cross

Now to make the cross. Slowly insert the thinner joint into the hole you made in the big one. If you have gotten the size of the hole right, you would be able to do this quite easily. Make sure that you’re gentle when you do this and that you’re not squeezing either joint too hard. If you do, you’ll end up losing a lot of cannabis through the holes compromising on the sturdiness.

Once you get one end of the smaller joint to come out of the hole in the thick joint, pull it from the other end. Align the hole(s) in the big and small joints so that it’s firmly in place and air can flow from the smaller joint to the larger one. Getting this right is important.

Step 7: Seal the Cross

Finally, you have to seal the holes in the big and the small joints where the cross is formed so that you can have a good smoking experience. Use glue strips from a couple of other rolling papers to seal the portion where the cross is formed. You do not want air entering this part from the outside so getting a good seal is important. Use as many glue strips as you need to get a good seal in place.

Step 8: Light Up and Enjoy!

You don’t need a full tutorial for this part. It’s now time to light up the joint and enjoy! You may however need some help to light the cross joint up as you have 3 ends to burn at the same time. Get help from a friend to light 2 ends of the small joint while you light up the end of the thicker joint. You could also do it yourself by lighting the thick joint first and then lighting both ends of the thinner joint next. Once all the ends burn evenly, you’re off to your happy place!

Closing Thoughts

So that’s how to roll a cross joint! Hope the step-by-step tutorial helped you get it right the first time. What you really need to make a note of is to have the right kind of rolling papers in the right sizes so that you can get the joints sturdy and just right. You also need a lot of patience and persistence to get the cross joint right.

Show off your cross-joint rolling skills to your buddies and maybe a shoutout to this tutorial that helped you do it!

Wondering where to buy rolling paper that can help you roll perfect joints (Cross or otherwise)? Futurola is the place to be. We are reimagining the future of rolling with our range of fantastic rolling accessories. Come check our store out!

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