Futurola x Mike Tyson Wholesale

ROLL LIKE A LEGEND — BE A LEGEND™  Welcome to Futurola's TYSON 2.0 collection page, where excellence meets innovation in the world of smoking accessories. Explore this exclusive collection curated in collaboration with the legendary Mike Tyson, designed to enhance your smoking rituals with unparalleled quality and style.  Discover a wide range of meticulously crafted products, including rolling trays, rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, blunt wraps, blunt cones, and cone rollers. Each item in the TYSON 2.0 x FUTUROLA collection is thoughtfully designed to provide an exceptional smoking experience, with attention to detail and functionality at the forefront.  Experience the timeless appeal of this collection, inspired by the ferocity and determination of Mike Tyson, an icon in the boxing world. The TYSON 2.0 x FUTUROLA collection embraces the spirit of greatness, bringing together Tyson's legendary persona and Futurola's expertise in crafting superior smoking accessories.